King’s College London: Medicine MBBS (5th year)

Imperial College London: iBSc in Medical Sciences (Cancer Frontiers)

Magdalen College London: A Levels in Biology A*, Maths A*, Physics A and Chemistry A

Biography & Interests

I’m currently a medical student, with a particular interest in anaesthesia and cardiology. Although medicine is a large part of my life, I have a number of extra-curricular interests such as photography and property shows (haha!). I’ve also been a member of the KCL Women’s Lacrosse team for approximately four years now.

There's nothing I find more satisfying than being able to support another person in their journey, especially with regards to education. It's no secret (especially to those who know me well) that I am passionate about helping others reach their full academic potential. I struggle with the fact that so many children are let down by the education system, which favours a very rigid style of learning. Not being able to understand things in class often leads these students to believe that they are stupid - when in fact, it's just that the information is not being presented in a way that suits their particular style of learning. This is why I derive so much joy from tutoring, and the knowledge that by presenting information in a slightly different way, I'm helping boost their confidence bit by bit.

Experience & Approach

To date, I have 845 hours of one-to-one tuition experience with students in the age range of 7 to 18 years old. Primarily 11+/GCSE/A Level preparation, in subjects including Maths, Verbal, Non-Verbal, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In these roles, I collaborated with parents to create tutoring sessions appropriate for the student's age, learning preference and learning style. I also generated reports and provided feedback to students, supporting personal learning and development.

My approach to mentoring is tailored to each individual student. Overall, I aim to be supportive but also encouraging - rather than giving you the answers, I want to help you work to the solution yourself! Confidence is key, and my approach aims to boost confidence in any students who are lacking. Finally, I like to make things as fun and engaging as possible, because learning doesn’t always have to be dull.




“I have been meaning to email you to say how much Maya loved her lesson with you. Her exact words were ‘you couldn’t have picked a better teacher mummy, she’s amazing and I love her’!!” Mother of Year 7 student, September 2020