King's College London: Medicine Intercalated BSc Anatomy, Human & Developmental Biology (1st Class)

KCL Davies Prize - awarded to the best dissection project in BSc Anatomy - on the Portal Venous Drainage of the gut

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School: A Levels in Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Maths A

Biography & Interests

Outside of the realm of teaching, I am a medical student and am passionate about Surgery and peri-operative medicine, rotating through Intensive Care, Emergency medicine, Women's health & Paediatrics this year. Aside from following advances in the medical field I play national league field hockey for Teddington Hockey Club in the South Premier Division, and coach the juniors at the club. I love all sports but keep time aside to write a diary and do a couple of sudoku puzzles during the week. Outside of all that, I love scented candles, burning through them at a dangerous rate!

Experience & Approach

Having taught regular classes of 20-30 in GCSE & A-Level Biology & Chemistry, I've come to learn so much about teaching different people, and has shown me a plethora of different teaching & learning styles. Engaging with my students in a fun, interactive & stimulating environment has been fantastic. Furthermore I have tutored Mathematics up to GCSE level 1 to 1 and can teach this up to A-Level.

To me, mentoring is creating an environment where someone develops their own attributes and comes to love what they do. My strongest asset as both a mentor & trainee doctor is activating people to get the best out of themselves & empowering them to be a go getter and achieve their own goals, whether that's their education, athletic career, or even their own health & lifestyle choices!




"I came to the lesson knowing barely anything about organic Chemistry. The teacher explained the concepts at the right pace (slow!) and I feel so much more confident in the topic" Year 12 Chemistry student

"I was initially scared that the teacher was asking questions about the topic but much preferred this as it was interactive and have learnt a lot about the heart and circulation" Year 10 Biology student